Judith is a fashion designer who graduated in 2012 with her very well reviewed collection ‘The Western Uniformity’.

In June 2014 Judith launched her own label with the Excidium collection, in collaboration with shoe- and accessory designer CHRIS VAN DEN ELZEN.. The collection was showed at Fashionclash and Cologne Fashion days, where they also won the Cologne Catwalk award.

Because of the successful collaboration, they decided to collaborate for a second time. The new collection, named Dark Depths, was showed on the catwalk during Fashionclash 2016 and during Fashion Week Amsterdam. The collection is afterwards also showed on Ice with professional Ice skaters, on a special location: Museum Square Amsterdam.

Judith has developed her own personal style and gained experience working with various techniques and materials. She is influenced by mostly art, nature and architecture. She finds it challenging to combine conventional clothes with new unconventional materials and shapes, resulting in collections that can be both clothes and art.

Besides working on her own label and collections, Judith also is the designer and co-owner of the new sustainable yoga brand ZEN BY SEN. Next to this she also works on freelance assignments, like tailoring, illustrations and styling. .

- Judith